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MyTranssexualDate Review 2021

MyTranssexualDate Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 90%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 28-32
Profiles 480.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy signup process
  • Free members have access to quite a lot of features.
  • Free for transgender women
  • Advanced search filters
  • No annoying ads and pop-ups
  • Moderators verify most member profiles
  • Focused on finding a serious relationship
  • Awesome navigation
  • No mobile application
  • No automated match-making algorithm
  • Expensive pricing and billing

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MyTranssexualDate is an online dating platform dedicated to bringing together transgender men, women, or anyone appreciating them. The website believes in promoting severe and sincere dating and long term relationships. Any demands of hookups, sexual flings, and pay for pleasure are strictly prohibited.

MyTranssexualDate Review

What is MyTranssexualDate

This fantastic website was launched in 2013. MyTranssexualDate was founded by a French entrepreneur Cyril Mazur and his wife, Maki Gongoyon. Maki is transgender and a former Filipino beauty queen. The site has rapidly reached various transgender people’s hearts, and now there are 700,000 users worldwide. There are approximately 14 million page views per month, which is an extraordinary number.

A large chunk of the members is from the United States of America, Italy, France, Germany, and other European countries. There are 110,000 members of the United States of America, and receives a daily login of 11,000 members. The site comprises of men, transgender men, and transgender women. The ratio of men to women is 60:40. Transgender women can use this site for free.

Slowly, and steadily our society is appreciating the lives of transgender people, specifically their love life. More and more people are into sex change without receiving the social stigma that was present a few years back. This website is entirely inclined towards eliminating the social stigma in a transgender relationship. The site highly advocates the use of the site for love and relationship only. This website is not the place to only experience passion.

The site is available in nine languages English, Deutsch, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese.

What is MyTranssexualDate

How does it work

There is no automated match-making algorithm, and no featured matches are shown from time to time. MyTranssexualDate is entirely reliant on the user to make amends via search and striking a conversation.

Members of this site have to specify whether they are willing to or have gone through a Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS). Male members have to select their preference from the choices of women who have undergone SRS, no SRS, pre-srs, or is a traverse. Generally, most male members are open to all preferences.


The registration is pretty simple and only takes around 1-3 minutes to complete. The basic necessary and compulsory fields that have to be filled are genders, date of birth, location with zip code, a valid email address, and a nominated password. There are only two options in gender, man or a transsexual woman. The account will be activated after the activation link sent to the respective email address is clicked. For far quicker registration, there is also an option to join via Facebook.

Following this, there are a further few other details that one can fill on their dashboard or leave it later. This includes things like a profile photo, bio, etc.

A trans woman has to upload a photo and write a description of themselves to use the website’s features.


Design and Usability

Similar to its registration process, the whole design of MyTranssexualDate is simple, sleek, clean, and straight forward and yet soothing to the eyes. There are only three tabs on the main menu. They are “My Profile,” “Online,” and “Search.” My profile shows a user of their respective profile. Online indicates and displays all members that are presently online. The search option is for inquiring results with specific filters.

Further sub-menus represented by icons assist the menus. These include messaging options, seeing the members who have visited your profile, a favorites list, account settings, and much more. The menus and sub-menus are extremely intuitive to understand, and so are the various links on the bottom of the webpage. Aside from different sub-menus, additional sidebars are the perfect indication of what the page is about.

This organized way of maintaining the site features makes navigation super easy. Even members who have little or very little computer literacy will not find anything complicated associating with the website.

Design and Usability

Profile Quality

Profile in the site requires the provision of minimal details. The users have to specify whether they have undergone Sexual Reassignment Surgery, undergo SRS, or have never undergone SRS, or if they are a transvestite.

There are only two tabs under the profile “About” and “Photos.” The ‘about’ section asks the user to provide details of their appearance, lifestyle, cultural background, and a few more. It also has a section for describing oneself and their wants from a relationship with their own words.

The photos section is understandable, where members can upload a picture of themselves for others to view. Free members can upload up to 16 photos; there are no restrictions on uploading images for premium members.

There is also a profile completion meter to indicate the percentage of competition of the profile in MyTranssexualDate.

One thing that has to be kept in mind is that the photos and profiles are subject to verification by the moderators. In case there are any grounds for which the confirmation is denied, they will be informed with proper explanation by the moderators in the respective email address.

Profile Quality

The Mobile Application

There are no mobile applications as of yet. But users can access the website by visiting their respective web browser and typing the web address. This comes in handy when people are traveling or away from their desktop.

All salient features of the desktop version are present will be present in the mobile web browser. But the experience is nowhere similar to the easiness in a desktop. So this article highly recommends you to stick to the desktop or laptop for using this dating website unless you urgently need to use it.

Safety & Security

Online dating is a tricky place to be. Because you are never really sure of cybersecurity and safety in such areas, it is very important to tick these boxes before utilizing the website features. This website ticks these boxes for its users and gives them a safe cyber experience. Firstly all profiles and photos are verified before being uploaded to the public database. Since most of the profiles are confirmed, there is hardly any illicit activity.

But that hasn’t stopped the moderators from keeping track of what’s going on to identify scammers and fake profiles. It advises users to be instinctive when they come across some fishy comments or activity and further have the option of reporting and blocking such users.

Safety & Security


Like most dating sites, there are two types of members, free and premium in MyTranssexualDate. The feature in the disposal for a free member is:

  • Create a profile
  • Upload up to 16 photos
  • Browse all profiles and photos
  • Perform a search based on basic, quick, and advanced filters
  • Create a list of favorite members
  • See who has viewed your profile.
  • See who has added you to their list of favorites.
  • Read messages sent to you.
  • If moderators have correctly verified a transgender woman profile, then they can receive and send unlimited messages.

A premium member has access to all the features of a free member in addition to other features. First, let’s have a look at the pricing on the subscriptions.

Duration Costs per month Total billing
One month $29.90 $29.90
Three months $22.90 $68.70
Six months $16.90 $101.40
12 months $10.90 $130.80

The additional features for a premium member are:

  • Appear across the featured profiles shown in grids across the home page
  • Show your profile first during searches.
  • Can send and receive messages
  • Upload an unlimited number of photos

The payment can be made via credit card, debit card, PayPal, and even cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. A user also has the option to pay in 1 to 16 different currencies.

Subscriptions do not get renewed automatically, and you may renew your subscription by upgrading your account again.


Help & Support

The support team of MyTranssexualDate can be addressed as one of the best among various dating sites across the world. The customer care team is available for the users 24*7. Apart from moderation, it keeps track of illicit activity and is always in the hunt for such individuals. The team can be reached out via mail at support@mytranssexualdate.com or via their toll-free call. In the mail case, the response is sure to arrive within two hours of the question being posed. You can also ask an item from the ‘contact us’ page and specify your email address, which has been verified by the website.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions on this website

I have not yet received the confirmation page.

Suppose you have not received the confirmation mail within minutes of signup. In that case, you should visit the spam folder and look for an email from “MyTranssexualDate” with the subject “Activate your account.”

How to delete the account?

To delete the account, you have to visit the account settings. And then, click on the delete/deactivate tab. If you choose to delete the invoice, then you will lose all your information forever. Deactivating the account could be an option if you want to be away from the website temporarily.

How to delete the account?

Why can’t you log in to my account?

This could be if you have forgotten your username and password. But no worries, these could easily be generated by clicking the forgot password/username link right below the sign-in area. Another possibility is that your profile has been closed by moderators owing to illicit activities. But in such cases, a mail is sent to the user explaining the reasons beforehand.

How to report or block a member?

The “Report” and “Block” buttons are available on every profile page and conversation page. So you can use them anytime if you feel they are harassing, spamming, asking or offering money, or undergoing illicit activity.

Is MyTranssexualDate safe?

The safety feature of MyTranssexualDate is top class and is a lesson to many average adult dating sites. There are hardly any remaining dating sites that go through an extensive validation process. The site uses a 128-bit SSL encryption to safeguard the user data while using the website’s features. This software makes it impossible for third parties to gain access to any private data. For the safety measures in payment, it uses a 256-bit AES encryption, hence keeping banking transactions and banking data away from any third party or hackers’ hands.

The health insurance portability and accountability act came into existence to ensure cybersecurity for all members. The site proudly maintains all the regulations to give users the happiness of safe browsing.

Is MyTranssexualDate a real dating site?

Yes, this is a real dating site and focuses mainly on severe relationships among the transgender community and those having affection towards them. This is not a site to have adult fun.

How to use MyTranssexualDate?

Simply type mytranssexualdate.com on your respective browser, follow the login process mentioned before, or via Facebook. You will get access to the site and can enjoy its features and find a date instantly. The only requirement is a stable internet connection and a smart device to use the website.

Is MyTranssexualDate free?

Yes, the registration to the website is entirely free of cost. For transgender women, all features can be accessed free of charge if the profile has been verified. The same is not the case for men; although they can enjoy some basic features as a free member, they have to go premium for ultimate satisfaction from the website.

Is MyTranssexualDate really works?

The site has been a revelation for the transgender community and can easily be claimed as the best dating site catering to transgender individuals. The website has found immense positive ratings across various reviews. Its success is evident from the number of users in the area and all willing to be happy with a serious relationship outlook. There is also a link to success stories at the bottom of the MyTranssexualDate webpage for people to see.


As mentioned earlier, this site is for transgender men and women and for people who have affection towards them. This site is not a place to joke around and just see how things are. Your profile is verified before providing access, and if somehow you manage to gain access and start fooling around, then there will be dire consequences. So, attempt this site only if you are serious about your affection and if you are looking for a committed relationship. One nightstand and casual flings are a strict nono in the site. So if you happen to be looking for a serious relationship as a transgender, this is the best place to be. Once you join this site, you will only wish you had known earlier. So go on and enjoy MyTranssexualDate now.

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