Complete Tinder Review for 2020

Tinder Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 9%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 83%
Popular age 21-32
Profiles 25130000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Quick registration matched with a user-friendly interface
  • Popular app with large active user base
  • Location-based platform allows users to more easily find others for in-person hookups
  • Registration requires a Facebook account
  • No matching algorithm
  • Age-based pricing model

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What is Tinder?

Tinder is your typical mobile dating application. The initial purpose of the site was meant to allow its users to have easy hookup sex. One can find a suitable person of the opposite sex or same-sex on the application based on preference. Let’s see the complete Tinder review.

If you like blondes or redheads, the platform setup can make that a possibility. The main goal of the dating platform is to match as many couples as possible and grow social interaction online.

Tinder is a swipe nation. You swipe profile to either left or right side depending on your liking. The notion of the platform as a hookup site has long since ended. You can now swipe and get the love of your life on the site and, who knows, marry and have kids!

How Does Tinder Work?

How Does Tinder Work

How does it work? You need to have access to the internet to access the platform. So a smartphone or any device that can access the internet is essential. Since it’s an application, you will need to download it on your device. This is very easy and fast. You can find the app on Google Play Store for Android and iOS.

Once you download the application, you will need to install it, and then register to become an active member of this platform.

How To Register On Tinder

How To Register On Tinder

You can become a user by following simple steps. Once you download the application and open it, you need to create an account. You can log in with your existing social media accounts or a new account.

Your username, age, gender, the gender of the other party you are interested in, height, likes, and dislikes are some of the details you will need to fill. You can add some information on your profile about yourself, as well as, indicate what your intentions are. This makes it all fun and breezy.

You need to connect your phone to the dating platform by allowing access to your location. This is important, as it matches you based on your current location and distance indicated on your profile.

You can upload photos or videos on the profile. Other subscribers will choose you based on the kind of photos you have and information on your bio. You need to tread carefully on the type of attention you want to attract.

Registration on the dating application is free of any charges.

The Design And Usability of Tinder

The Design And Usability of Tinder

The site is straightforward to use and has a variety of unique features. Once you have an active account, you can start finding your match. You will encounter either men or women profiles depending on what you indicated on your profile.

If you like someone’s profile and photos, you swipe to the right, and if you don’t like them, you swipe to the left; Very simple and clear. If you really like someone, there is an icon for “super like” that you press on.

Assuming that the person you swiped right to also did the same on your profile, you automatically become a match and you are free to initiate a conversation. If you are not the person to start conversations, you can wait for the other party to initiate one.

You can send endless messages, emojis, and GIFs to each other.

Profile Quality of Tinder

You can make your profile stand out by having an interesting and eye-catching phrase. You can be cheeky and not too serious about having a welcoming profile. If you are looking for a hook up only, you could indicate that on your profile to attract individuals with the same intention as yours.

The photos you upload need to be clear and show your real self. You can have at least five photos that show different personalities, as well as angles. For instance, if you like horse riding, you can have a photo of yourself on a horse.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application Tinder

You can access the site on your smartphones anytime and anywhere. You have the privacy of finding matches at the comfort of their phones. The mobile application allows you to get swipe when travelling, are at home, in a bar, or even the other side of the continent.

That is the convenience of the mobile application. All the features are still accessible. You can upload photos and chat with your matches and still swipe right or left.

Also, you can always delete the application at any given time and also re-install it again once you wish to rejoin the application.

The Safety & Security Of Tinder

The site ensures the safety of your information. As a subscriber of the dating application, you have access to the unlike button. If someone offends or harasses you, you can block their profile and further state the reason why you are blocking. The application gives several reasons in regards to this.

If a match mistakes you for a hoe, you can quickly tell them that that is not your intention on the platform.

You should also keep an eye on catfish profiles. You can un-match a user that you suspect has bad intentions for you, which is why you should always check their profiles and photos attached to their profiles.

Pricing On Tinder

Pricing On Tinder

Registration of new members is free of charge. You can choose to use the basic or upgrade.

Members can choose to upgrade their membership to unlock some of the features of the dating up. These features are not accessible to basic users of the application.

The packages include the Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Both have different pricing based on the features they come with.

Tinder Gold allows you to view profiles of the person who swiped right on their profiles. A gold user can auto-match all the profiles at the same time to save on time as well. These users need no swiping.

If you subscribe to the Tinder Gold, you will be able to get suggestions from the platform on possible matches. This just makes your work a lot easier. And this will cost you only $29 per month with access to Tinder Plus.

Tinder Plus will cost you $9.99 per month if you are 30 years and below and $19.99 if you are older than 30 years. You will have access to 5 super likes in a day. Ability to re-enter swipe your match. You can input your location to anywhere in the world. You get more exposure on your profile as it’s given more ranking for at least 30 minutes. This way, more people see your profile. You have no restrictions on the number of right swipes.

Tinder Help & Support

You are assured of effective and immediate response to your enquiries. You can send in your request to the support centre and get attended to in just a few minutes. Users can initiate an Online Chat with the support team.

  • You can raise your online dating issues to Customer Service on all social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. A direct message would be ideal.
  • You can also opt to make a call on the platform’s toll-free number, write an email to the help desk, and if you are old school, you could also write a letter with the address listed on the site.

The site also partners with other communication companies to ease customer complaint about those living outside the European Union.

FAQs On Tinder

FAQs On Tinder

Is Tinder Safe?

Is Tinder a real dating site? The application guarantees that your information will be private. You have control of their profiles; they choose the photos to upload and the information to put on their bio. The block button allows users to block others who harass them. You can also report suspicious profiles. Yes, the site is safe.

Is Tinder Free?

Yes. Registration is free on the application. Basic profiles can still access the basic features of the site. You can choose to upgrade to a premium account if you wish to unlock other features on this site. It is worth your coins.

Does Tinder really work?

How to use Tinder? Depending on your intentions on the dating site, if you are looking to for a hookup, online flirt, long term relationship, or dating, you can always find a match with similar intentions on the application. You just need to state the intention on your bio to get similar matches.


Does Tinder really work? Is the online dating platform worth all the hype? Yes. Take a chance and download the mobile application to find out. Here is why you should actually spare a few coins on the site. If you are looking to meet people online and possibly in real life, the online platform is for you. You will open the door to the possibility of interacting with a lot of people.

If you are just from a break-up and you want to hook up or get a quick rebound, you just need to swipe right to profiles that are of your liking.

If you are looking to interact with people of a certain age in a specific geographical region, users state their age and that of a certain age range they are willing to match with. With the upgraded accounts, you can customize your matches, get endless right-swiped, and rank higher than basic users.

The privacy of the mobile application is a winner. No one has to know what you are up to regardless of your marital status, sexual orientation, age, intentions; only you have control over your device and profile. So join the swipe nation movement and swipe away to get your match.

This is the application that doesn’t require a lot of information. You just need to register with your name, age, and location. As a user, you have the power to limit the information you share with your possible matches.

Every user on this dating site has their end goal. So you will be sure to get your match regardless of what your profile states. Don’t be left behind; join the best dating application ever to exist.

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