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In 2008, the co-founders of the company 3H Group, Daniel Haigh and Dave Heysen, created the online dating platform known as Amor en Linea. As a part of the online dating network known as Oasis, Amor en Linea is a great online dating platform which is integral part of the seven Oasis dating platforms with very similar profile database. These various dating platforms which are the part of Oasis network, have demographic itself, and according to that the Amor en Linea is Latino American based dating website. On the other hand, the dating platform network Oasis has more than 20 million websites’ members, 400,000 are logging in every single day.

Amor en Linea is an online dating website which is also very popular in the online dating world among the users. This hookup website represents an online service made and designed to connect people who are coming from Latin America. The most active ones are the site members from Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Chile, Argentina and others. Oasis top four mobile apps for Android and iOS have gained a lot of users from other countries in the world like, USA, Great Britain, Australia, Indonesia and others.

The major reason why Amor en Linea Is number one dating platform as a part of the Oasis network is the ease of finding potential lover using this website in comparison with other dating platforms where that is really challenging and tough. The reviews that are left for Amor en Linea are various and also positive, so let’s see some interesting features and facts related to this dating website.

Amor en Linea members and signing up

Amor en Linea members and signing up

On the first sight when the user comes in the Amor en Linea homepage, will probably think that this is ordinary online dating platform as any other online dating website. Interesting thing is that every user can be registered using their Facebook registration details. The details that can be required from the user are personal information like birth date, full name, email, photo and similar stuffs. Amor en Linea photo related rule is that the photo needs to be clear with proper dimensions or larger than 160×540 pixels. Also, the profile picture needs to be no more than 3 MB. What can the user find on Amor en Linea website, is beneficial relationships or any hot friendship for personal satisfaction, mostly come from Mexico and Colombia. The top users of the mobile app come from USA and Australia.

The Amor en Linea registration process is totally free for everybody who wants to find casual dating, hot adventure, serious partner for serious plans and similar options. If the user want to become a member of this online dating platform, need to give answers of ton of questions related to user personality, birth date, living location as well as the wanted characteristics of the potential partner. Profile photos and registration email address need to be verified by the site administration, it is a must. To make the things easier, the Amor en Linea administration provided an option to use all the research activities and features for absolutely free. But the user should keep in mind that these features are very important for the potential matches further as well as the ease of going to a casual date for someone interested for it.

Another registration option is to sign up via Facebook account, but there will be other process where the user just need to enter the Facebook login details and create a profile on this online dating platform.

The future Amor en Linea user need to know that the registration process fields need to be full texted for higher chance of getting right potential partner match after the registration. After filling up all the required and potential fields, the registration process will be finished and the user will notice a big list of potential partner matches related to the provided information before.

When the user finally enters their profile on Amor en Linea, there are different interesting options and tips that every site member need to know. When other site member likes the profile of someone else’s profile, there are 3 additional days reserved for responding on that like back or to simply ignore it. If the respond is like back, then there is an immediate option to start a conversation with that person who likes the profile first. If the response of that like is maybe, then there is an option to come back to that profile anytime in the future and start a conversation when it will be possible. The members of Amor en Linea hookup website have personal profiles where, when someone is texting them, the message is shown as a pop-up on the site members’ screens. This option is interesting because, the users can decide whether they like the researched person or not. On the right top corner, there will be shown each message that is received and with one click, the messages are transformed as a pop-up. This online dating platform has separate messaging page, looking up like the Hornet site. Instead of that, if the site member wants to send someone a message, there is small contact list on the right corner ready for picking one the most interested site member. The site user favorite contacts will be placed in the favorite list known as top list, with the option to rearrange that top list by your own desire.

Amor en Linea profile quality

If the user wants to have a higher chances to find someone for a hot date on Amor en Linea during this hard time of coronavirus, will be required to enter some details on their profile and of course verified it. There are a lot of empty spaces which need to be fulfilled for increased chances of matching with the preferred partner. In fact, the profile pictures are visible for everyone who wants to check up some site members profiles. But every user should know that the profile information and details can be changed later and everything is totally free to use. Before the site profile is fully finished, the user can only check, like and research up to 10 other members’ profiles.

This is an excellent strategy provided by Amor en Linea as a dating platform to encourage the site members to complete the full profiles and rocket their site availability and matching chances. It is totally if the site members’ profiles are not fully created, where the users can like only 10 profiles daily. When the uploaded information will be fully approved, the site member can make a gallery available for all other site members, or to make those pictures private. If the site user wants to visit someone else’s profile and check up some pictures, the profile owner will receive a notification for that first. If the members of this online dating platform update their profiles, there will be a special requirement for identification as a transsexual, transgender or cross dresser human for better matching with this kind of sexual determination site members.

Amor en Linea mobile app

Amor en Linea mobile app

As the audience can already suppose, the Amor en Linea mobile app is not the same as the normal desktop site version and the features are not the same. Instead of it, the mobile app is really good advantage for making a hot conversation on this online dating platform on the go. The Amor en Linea mobile app is really easy to use thanks to its design which is user-friendly. That means this mobile app has the same interface and design as the other Oasis network apps. All the mobile apps are Spanish language based, but of course English language is the option for this mobile app.

The app interface is really simple. There are pictures and fonts clearly understandable in good size for everyone’s needs. Also, this online dating mobile app has easy to navigate outline and there is an option for using all the important features, located on the navigation bar on the bottom side. The really interesting thing related to this hookup mobile app is that there is a option to message other site members on the go and send images within a conversation.

On the other hand, Apple owns this hookup mobile app in their app store. The Apple devices’ users are really happy because a hookup mobile app like this is available for people around the world including USA as the most famous country with Apple devices users. This mobile app can be freely downloaded from the Google Play store for all Android users too, who wants to have this hookup mobile app on the go.

Design of Amor en Linea and rate of usability

The Amor en Linea website design is really simple and easy to use from the site members. It can be a little bit boring for some tech-friendly users, but the main point here is that this site is built and designed for different people on the different life age. Some members will have problems using this website, some will not, but on average every site user will have a positive website using experience.

Also, the website speed is really good, while the mobile version of Amor en Linea and other Oasis network mobile apps have faster opening time and activity time. Main advantage of this hookup site is the availability of using it in different languages, like English, Spanish, Portuguese, because of the site visiting population from Latin America and Spain.

Amor en Linea membership prices and costs

If the user wants to create an account on Amor en Linea and become a member here, it can be done totally free and without any payment. But with free membership, the user will be available to find the matching partner on Amor en Lien because it is possible for free in comparison with other online dating platform where there are various subscription plans for more and advanced site features. Sending messages and contacting other people on this online dating platform will be available for members who use this online dating platform for matching with partners. The free access to all the site features will allow every user to use of very important features, like contacting people, checking up other members’ profiles, profile modernization, even hiding the certain activity and the status on your own profile.

From the all Oasis dating network reviews left on the internet, the future site users can noticed that there are no prices and everything is free to use in comparison with other online dating platforms. There would be few words related to the safety of this dating platform. In general, the safety of all online dating websites is always taboo theme, because there are different hookup sites with different way of functionality. Amor en Linea as a dating platform can be happy with the safety of all users, because there are not fake accounts and similar scam people. There would be a kind of fake profiles problems, where the users come with bad thoughts to cheat, but the scammers and cheaters with fake site profiles can verified their accounts to continue with using this site. Every site user needs to check the Amor en Linea or Oasis network security before their registration and profile creation.

Pros and cons

There are a lot advantages and disadvantages of being a Line en Amor site members and trying to find a matching partner for your own. To sum up, this online dating platform known as Seeking Arrangement are not really competitive on the internet and in its industry of online dating. But instead of that, this website has also high recommendation for the future users who want to find their matching partners. As already noted, this hookup website is awesome in some sections and this have to be a proof of terms for every online dating platform on the internet. Also, the totally free messaging option is a really good idea for online dating platforms, but the users can decide it for themselves when they visit this hookup website or one of the websites based on Oasis online dating network